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Fifth Stage of "What's Next ?"

"What's Next?" stage 5, 16"x20" oil
"What's Next?" stage 5, 16"x20" oil

During this phase of a painting, the process becomes a little more methodical because I need to be a bit more purposeful with every application of paint. You will notice that I have begun to fill in the grasses in the foreground, as well as further developed the vegetation on the left side. My intent is to "imply" all of this vegetation, and I do this with varying the way in which I stroke a palette knife. It does take practice to develop the hand and wrist motion to create different textures. I have added a few more cloud shapes and varied the blue and made it darker on the upper portion of the sky.

After this stage, I let the painting sit for a day or so. This will allow it to dry to the touch. I want the surface to be dry to allow for me to begin glazing colors with a brush over parts of the painting. This will be more evident when you see the next phase.

Do you want to climb those stairs? Where do you think they go?

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