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Painting SW France

Under painting for "What's Next?"
Under painting for "What's Next?"

Whenever I have been in a mental funk or feeling sluggish, painting has always been my solace; it gets my juices running. As I process the tragic death of a generous friend, I pushed myself into the studio today to begin a new painting. Interestingly, the title, so far, is appropriately "What's Next?"

The inspiration for this painting comes from one of our castle explorations during our recent trip to France. This is an underpainting using colors straight out of the tube, with the exception of mixing with white where needed. (I believe that it is easier to dull a color than to brighten one.) I always attempt to keep the first layer of a landscape to 7 or fewer shapes. The shapes, or puzzle pieces, are based on those areas of the painting that are in the sunlight (i.e., yellow, pink, lighter pink & orange) versus those that are in the shade (blue, aqua & magenta). I also keep my darks connected. Acrylic paints are used for this stage of the painting.

My painting surface was previously gessoed using a large palette knife; this adds an overall subtle texture to the painting.

And the subject of this painting is? Stay tuned!

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