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Memory Portrait of PeeWee - Step 8

Is PeeWee starting to look more like a black labrador? You can see that more colors or layers of pastel have been applied throughout the painting, except for the sky. It may be interesting to know that pastels are made up of many degrees of softness and hardnes, and each plays a role in my pastel painting. The hard pastels, which are quarter inch square sticks, are similar to the black board white chalk hardness. I often use them for detail and they work well for smoothing out the soft pastels that feel almost like butter when applied. The latter are about the size of a little finger.

PeeWee eyes now have some color and I think her left eye is about finished. It is so small, therefore only a few strokes are allowed to convey that eye. Creating her intensity through her eyes is a welcomed challenge and we will see how I do in the next stage of the painting. The background trees are remaining subdued so that they do not compete with PeeWee. I also have to be careful not to make the bandana too red or it will detract attention from her. Painting is a constant balancing act, which is all part of the process!  

Any comments or questions at this stage? Will PeeWee stay in the boat or jump into the water?

...to be continued.

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3 Responses to Memory Portrait of PeeWee - Step 8

via paintingharmony.com63 months ago

This is the PeeWee that I knew and loved for 15 years. You can see in her eyes that she had a mind of her own. Once she decided to jump out of the boat, she was gone. In this painting, I would have to say that she is a few seconds from taking a dip.

via paintingharmony.com63 months ago

I love the colors and dimensions! I can feel her soft ears and smell the cool fall air. I found the 7 - have you? I agree with Joe - PeeWee is ready to leap!

Carol McIntyre
via mcintyrefineart.com63 months ago

Thank you. Did you ever have to go after her? What lake were you usually on?

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