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Memory Portrait of PeeWee - Step 5

Second layers of pastel applied
Second layers of pastel applied

At this stage of the game, I am starting to apply what we artists call the "local" colors. In other words, the blues are applied to the sky and water, fall colors are applied to the trees,. etc. The painting is going to look flat, because I am still just applying colors in areas and I am not trying to make anything look three dimensional. Ahhhh yes, PeeWee's nuzzle does look a little like she is going to blow some bubbles, but that will change later on. 

You will notice that the sky is smooth in texture, yet a little of the warm orange peek through. I smooth out the pastel with my finger - the pinky - which is frowned upon by some pastel artists. Since pastels are made from pure pigment, I do wear latex gloves to protect toxic absorption into the skin. I like to get the background down fairly quickly when painting a portrait so that the edges of the dog remain clean and sharp, since PeeWee is the star of the show! The water has just one layer of blue on it with no smoothing done to it.

Some of the colors may seem a bit saturated, or strong, at this time. This is done so some of these lovely colors show through in later layers. It is also much easier to dull down a color than it is to brighten a color over a dull color.

Faith is needed during the next few stages of the painting. PeeWee will look like a real dog eventually! Can you "keep the faith?"  Just like people and dogs, paintings go through awkward phases. Any questions or surprises?

...to be continued.

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4 Responses to Memory Portrait of PeeWee - Step 5

Kirsten amd Joe
via mcintyrefineart.com63 months ago

We can see the definition of her head appearing with these colors - the chiseled scull, ears and brow and shape of the eyes and long thin face. Amazing how the yellow sky became a soft blue! Interesting how the brown color defined the face. Waiting to see how the water changes.

Carol McIntyre
via mcintyrefineart.com63 months ago

Glad that you can see PeeWee's structure coming through. There will be some definite changes in the next phase.

Linda Lamb
via mcintyrefineart.com63 months ago

What fun and a great memorial to Pee Wee.
Linda L.

Carol McIntyre
via mcintyrefineart.com63 months ago

Thanks Linda. How do you know PeeWee? Do you have any stories to add as I paint her?

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