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Memory Portrait of PeeWee - Step 3

First layers of color or underpainting
First layers of color or underpainting

Don't these first colors seem a little weird? Why are the sky and lake painted in an orange hue?

At this stage, I am establishing the larger areas of the painting and minimizing detail where I can. All areas that are hit by the sun light are painted in warm colors - orange, red, yellow - and all areas that are in shadow are painted in cool colors - green, blue, magenta, purple. Hence, since this scene is on a sunny day, the lake and sky are a shade of orange. Note that the eyes are treated differently and start as pure black.a

You may ask "Why are the trees blue?" because are they not being hit by the sun light? Yes, they are, but since they are way in the background and are essentially a vertical structure, a blue color is applied. Blues or cooler colors are needed to help establish depth in a painting. One of the many challenges in painting is creating a feeling of dimension on a two dimensional surface. I happen to love drawing the viewer into a painting as if it is a 3D experience.

At this stage, I have also lost some of the accuracy of my initial drawing, but that will be corrected as the painting develops.

Any questions about some of the colors I chose for this first layer? Does it look kind of strange?

...to be continued.

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via mcintyrefineart.com63 months ago

Fascinating process - yes, the colors looks strange and completely wrong! I would never expect a yellow sky and orange lake. Can't wait for the next step!

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