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Memory Portrait of PeeWee - Step 2

Color palette for PeeWee
Color palette for PeeWee

It is now time to determine the color palette for PeeWee's portrait. As a result of my interviews with Kirsten and Joe, I learned that PeeWee is a brown-black versus a blue-black. They also want fall colors in the background trees and I have a red bandana to take in consideration as well as the blues of the water. So what will the colors be?

Unlike most artists, I choose a color palette for every painting I paint. Nearly all artists have a "palette" they use, particulary those who paint in oils and acrylics. In other words, they have the same tubes of paint that they squeeze out every time they begin a painting or go from one painting to another. I, on the other hand, have studied color for years - and have taught it - and like changing my palette. It keeps the colors fresh, avoids ruts in color mixing, but most of all, it helps me harmonize the colors in each painting; the latter is something I have strived for throughout my painting career.
PeeWee's colors lean themselves to the red-green palette. (I know this from the number of color charts I have painted.)  I chose this color opposite palette - versus my blue-orange or yellow-purple - because of the reds, browns, and fall colors. You can see in this digital image the major color hue families that I will be using. The lighter colors are not included and it is difficult to see that the right hand column has orange-browns and a black. Chances are that I will use this same palette for all four labradors, but that will be determined later.

Now I need the approval from Kirsten and Joe to continue. Do these colors seem odd in anyway? It could be difficult to extrapolate at this point, which I understand. Your comments or questions are certainly welcomed.

...to be continued.

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Kirsten and Joe
via mcintyrefineart.com64 months ago

The colors look fine to us - but what do we know about painting?

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